Less Faculty, more benightedness

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows – Sydney J Harris

When we talk about education, it’s not only the compulsory education that kids around the country need to have, but also competent education that shapes the future of our country. The national convenor of the RTE (Right to education) forum, Ambarish Rai, said that “we are facing a shortage of five lakh teachers” on March 25,2015, as quoted by IANS, New Delhi.

The major challenges faced by the Institutes today are:

  1. Acute shortage of competent faculties
  2. Lack of conceptual clarity in students
  3. Not meeting industry standards
  4. Affects placements and industry interaction
  5. Impacts quality of admission
  6. Dilutes Institute’s brand

These problems are a vicious cycle and the source of it all is the ability to reach out to competent faculties continuously over a period of time.

This results in dilution of quality.

In the same article of IANS, Rai said, “An additional 6.6 lakh teachers need teacher-training. Most teachers are able to teach the concepts, but, due to dearth of visiting faculty, practical application of these concepts is missed out.

Thus arises a need for teachers/mentors who can bridge this gap and give the students, their fundamental right to free and quality education.

Industry experts today seek to teaching as a hobby where they can impart their practical knowledge to students and give them a different perspective to look at things. For highly qualified professionals, teaching is a part time activity that they can indulge into and earn an extra few bucks for themselves. On an average, 5 hours of teaching in a post-graduation Institute during the weekend would aid an earnings of INR 60,000-80,000.

The question here is, even though it’s a great incentive for Faculties to take up teaching, why are not many are opting to do so? The reasons for the same can be not being aware of such opportunities.

The issue of shortage of Faculty, therefore, is one alarming call to all such industry doyens who can help in shaping the future of this country and bridge the gap that exists in the education sector today; the gap between classroom education and practical application.

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