Women today are playing multiple roles and playing them efficiently. They are experts at striking a balance between work and home. Even though most of them are not given as much authority and responsibility as they deserve to get in an organization, especially after marriage, some women have managed to stand out and prove that women are superheroes in their own aspect.

It’s the time where women are standing up for themselves and standing for what is right; gender equality.

But what about the stereotypes and the traditional mindsets that make women give up their jobs and career ambitions because supposedly it’s their responsibility to hold the ‘family’ together.

Let’s take an example of a young urban couple, who got married in their mid-20, both working professionals who live together on their own. In a couple of years, if they want to start their own family, they cannot even think about it without one of them quitting their job. And that one, is most of the times, the woman of the house. Even after sacrifices like these, women don’t get their due respect and appreciation because it’s their ‘duty’ to do what they do for their family.

In such a scenario, all those years and money that she has put into her education seem to feel like a waste of time because it’s not put into use anymore. This feeling is very common among women in their late 30’s, because they feel that they are far more qualified than being a home maker.

For such women, part-time teaching has come up as an excellent opportunity in the recent times. Teaching involves the use of their education and industry knowledge and that gives them immense satisfaction. Also, teaching gives great rewards monetarily. The remunerations for an investment of 5 hours of teaching on any day that is convenient to them, ranges somewhere between INR 60,000-80,000 per month. What better way to strike a work-life balance. Plus the additional satisfaction of educating young minds has a different level of gratification!!

So today on International women’s day, it’s time to make the right choice. The right choice to choose career and family and not just one of these. It’s time to tell the world that your gender doesn’t define who you are. You are what you do. Your work gives you an identity and you cannot, at any cost, choose to just give it up.


Make the right choice. Choose to teach !!

All you have to do is connect with us @ www.facultyconnect.co.in

Know more about what we do @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrAV7BixFfM



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