Educationists should build the capacities of enquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model – Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Our teachers make a significant contribution to the way we lead our lives. They teach us the difference between right and wrong and the similarities between dreams and reality. They get it imprinted on us at an age where we aren’t influenced by this world of cut throat competition. We owe them our ability to have an ambition and achieving it because they have been our torches throughout, in our journey of walking through the darkness, on a path unknown. Our teachers are the directors of our story, they are our mentors and guides. The values and principles that we follow are also ingrained in us by them. If today, we are good, intelligent, ethical people, it is because they taught us well!

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam says “if a country has to be corruption free and of beautiful minds, there are three key societal factors: mother, father and a teacher.” The drive and passion a teacher has to sacrifice their all, in order to build an intellectually strong nation for tomorrow is extremely god-like.

Despite all these incredible things that a teacher does, it still remains the most unsung profession in this country. Very few institutes realize the value of good teachers. It is one thing to be knowledgeable about a subject, but to be able to pass that knowledge to students in a way that they will remember it all their lives and that adds value to them in a way is a completely different ball game altogether; and we have very few of such quality teachers.

WE, as a nation, need inspiring and aspiring faculty to develop faster. We need professors who are willing to learn themselves because constant learning is the only way you can help students grow. There needs to be stress on the fact that it is more important to grow together rather than growing more than the other. Learning has to be an on-going process, it can never stop, if it does, then you’re not developing as an individual; and if that’s not happening then you’re not doing justice to being a teacher.

To teach is to transform and transformation needs effort.

So all you extremely passionate entrepreneurs and working professionals, join us in our endeavor to create a better tomorrow by shaping young minds today.

Students need great teachers like you!

All you have to do is:




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